Megan’s Baby Shower

May 2, 2013

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This weekend I hosted a baby shower for a wonderful friend, Megan (she’s the one in the black dress with the gold necklace), who’s having a precious little boy in June.  Megan and her lovely husband Dan are such great people and we can’t wait to meet their gorgeous addition to the family.  She’s the third one having a baby in our book club (Keely was 1, Melissa was 2, Leanne will be number 4, Michi will be number 5 and I’ll be 6).  If you can believe it, these six babies will all have come in just one year.

It was so much fun planning out the invitations, decorations, and games for Megan’s shower.  I also owe a big thank you to Michi, Kate, and Claire for helping with the food too!!  We didn’t play any competition games but we did help Megan and Dan with Baby Fletcher’s name.  We also did a Mad Lib.  Does anyone remember this from when you were younger.  We helped tell Megan’s birthing adventure by choosing random verbs, adjectives, etc. and then filling the words into a story about Baby Fletcher being born.  We also decorated fabric squares that I’ll make into a baby quilt.

I feel so lucky to have Megan as a friend because she’s just far enough ahead in her pregnancy that I can ask her questions and she always has the answer for me.  I can’t imagine what I would do if I didn’t have all of these wonderful friends who have already had children or are now pregnant and can help me along the way.

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