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  • Another item on my Paris Bucket List this summer was to have le chocolate chaud (hot chocolate) at Angelina.  I don’t drink coffee so my go-to hot beverage is often hot chocolate and since Paris is much cooler in June than it is in Nebraska (sometimes even in the 60s) , I thought it would be a nice treat on one of the cooler Paris days.

    One chilly afternoon I ventured out and took a stroll to Angelina for some of their famous hot chocolate and equally famous pastry, the Mont Blanc.  This delightful pâtisserie is composed of a vanilla-flavored chestnut cream, fromage blanc/chantilly (a soft fresh type of cream cheese/whipped cream) and meringue. The ingredients give the pastry a sort of crunchy yet creamy texture.  It was a little piece of heaven and was even nice enough to bring a little home to Dusty so he could try it too.

    We’ve walked by Angelina on several occasions and there’s always a line.  It’s an elegant establishment and what’s amazing is that you’ll see tourists sitting along side locals, everyone loves this place.  Because I was alone and didn’t want to wait for a table, I got my drink and pastry for a emporter or “take away” and walked across the street to the Tuileries Garden to sit near one of the fountains and do a little people watching.  I just have to comment on the beautiful packaging.  My mont blanc came in an elegant box and it was almost like opening up a gift it was so pretty.

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