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  • All Smiles

    April 16, 2007

    This weekend another one of our flower girls got the chance to try on her dress for the wedding. Gracie is three years old and full of all kinds of energy. Before taking this picture I asked Gracie to smile, she instantly squinted her eyes, leaned to the side and gave me the biggest smile. She’s going to be a perfect flower girl, not only for her cute pictures but also for her great dancing moves. We are getting really excited for the wedding with it being a little over two months away. We’ve been busy these past few weeks getting things ready. We met with our pastor, ordered our invitations and scheduled our engagement pictures to just name a few things. Everyone has been so wonderful. We are so lucky to have such great family and friends. We can’t wait to see you all.

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  • Registering for Gifts

    March 25, 2007


    Dusty and I finally found some time to begin registering for gifts. Registering for gifts has probably been the most difficult thing we’ve done for the wedding. We thought we would try to be strategic as we registered by going to several different stores, seeing what we liked from each store first and then going back to register for gifts. Saturday we walked through Bed, Bath & Beyond, Pottery Barn, William-Sonoma and Target. When we finally made it to Target we felt we were ready to register at our first store. Easier said then done.

    We received our “gun” and were left to roam the aisles. It was so difficult to register for gifts but we made it through our first store with only one minor road block in the towel aisle. Dusty was much better at pushing the trigger. I on the other hand wanted to really analyze every item. By the end I finally realized that we couldn’t spend ten minutes deciding if we needed something, which one we should get, if our guests would like to buy it for us, etc. If we did spend that much time on every item we would be shopping for days.

    After leaving Target we returned to Bed, Bath and Beyond to start another adventure. I must say that they did a great job at answering many of our questions. Dusty and I weren’t quite sure how to choose from so many different pots and pans, knifes, dishes, etc. and they did a great job of explaining the pluses and minuses of each item.

    A few days later and after consulting with family and friends we decided to register at Dillard’s. I went online and got started. After registering for a couple of items I decided to Dillard’s and see what I was actually registering for. When I arrived I found out that it was easier to register online. I don’t know if this happens at all Dillard’s or just the one I went to but they don’t give you a gun to register but make you walk around and bring the employees everything you want and then they have to enter it by hand. The employees made it sound like it was really hard to do this so I walked around and look for what I wanted. After discovering what wonderful things they have I came home and finished registering with Dusty.

    Dusty and I made our final trip to Pottery Barn to register for the remainder of our wish list. This being the fourth store was the easiest. We really had a much better idea of what we wanted and really focused on those things. For all the future bride and groom-to-be’s, relax and have fun. We could give you lots of other suggestions but you won’t understand until you’re there.

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  • Our Favorite Girls

    January 27, 2007


    I found this picture and wanted to share it with everyone. It’s a picture of our five flowergirls from Christmas at our place. Dusty had taken some of the kids on a walk so I could clean the kitchen before we opened Christmas presents. One of the girls wanted hot chocolate when they got back and Dusty just couldn’t help himself, he made them homemade hot chocolate. Seeing this picture really gets me excited for the wedding.

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  • Our Princesses

    January 19, 2007


    I received two of the flower girl dresses in the mail this past week and finally got the chance to get my nieces to try them on. They’re the cutest girls and the dresses fit great. The dresses are just big enough for the girls to grow a little over the next 5 months. Seeing the girls in these dresses makes me get excited for everything coming in the next few months. What’s really exciting is that we have three more flower girls… three more princesses.

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  • Honeymoon Destination

    January 18, 2007

    One of Dusty’s wedding responsibilities was to plan our honeymoon. He’s traveled to several tropical destinations with his family and traveled around Europe by himself for almost six months. He has a better sense of where we should go and what to look for in a honeymoon destination. Thus the reason he got the job of finding the perfect place to relax after we say “I do”. He decided on, Kauai, Hawaii’s fourth largest island.

    The tropical paradise of Kauai lies amidst the sparkling blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, about 20 minutes by air from Honolulu. Kauai encompasses roughly 550 miles and is the oldest and northernmost of the main Hawaiian Islands. Total area is 549 sq. miles – 33 miles long and 25 miles wide with 90 miles of coastline.

    Media_httpwwwdustyand_rgultWe will be staying on Kauai’s east side, in Kapaa. The east side is called the “Royal Coconut Coast”. Since the island is so small we’ll be able to explore every aspect. Dusty rented us a convertible so we’ll be able to enjoy the warm weather and beautiful scenery while we’re sightseeing. What’s interesting is that you can’t actually drive over the whole island. You can only drive along the coast (the red line in the picture above shows the main road). The northern, southern, and eastern coasts are where the island’s accommodations are located. The northwestern and central region is more remote and in some areas unreachable by car.  Our resort looks beautiful. The resort is set in six acres of landscaped gardens and palm trees and is very close to the ocean. Dusty wanted to pick a place that had nice accommodations and activities but wasn’t so big that we would be miles from the ocean. He found the perfect place. We’re staying in an ocean front room so we’ll be able to wake up in the morning and walk to the beach.

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  • Flower Girls

    December 14, 2006
    flowerdressback flowerdressfront

    Many couples are deciding not to have flower girls and ring bearers because they don’t know any small children and/or because they don’t want the children to steal the thunder. Lucky for us, I can’t resist little kids in cute dresses and tiny tuxes. I have many beautiful nieces and couldn’t say no to any of them so we’re going to have five flower girls and skip out on the ring bearer. I’ve been searching for flower girl dresses and think I’ve found one. While looking for a dress I found lots of gorgeous flower girl dresses but had a difficult time spending over $100 for one tiny little dress.

    I started searching online and found Flower girl us. They specialize in flower girl dresses as well as special occasion dresses. The dress I found is a really cute ivory dress with a black sash and it’s half the cost.

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  • Tuxes

    November 14, 2006

    Last weekend Dusty and I went to look at tuxes. I didn’t know it would be so difficult to pick out a tux. Dusty made this decision and I’m very glad he did because I know nothing about men’s attire, there’s the jacket and pants, tie, vest, and shoes. What’s difficult is that everything looks the same from far away and how anyone can decide between a tux with two buttons and a tux with four buttons is beyond me. Here’s a picture of the tux and then a picture of the vest. We aren’t going with yellow, the guys will be wearing black and Dusty will be wearing white. Hopefully you can get an idea of how handsome the guys are going to look though.

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  • Let’s Eat Cake

    October 24, 2006

    I’ve know what cake I’ve wanted for over a year. I was at a bridal fair with one of my bridesmaids, Alyssa, who was getting married and we tried a lot of cake. There were samplings of cakes from at least five different places around Omaha. Most of them were okay, one was absolutely horrible and one was to die for. I told the girls that day that I wanted that cake at my wedding. I called last week for a vanilla sample cake with custard filling. Dusty picked up the cake Saturday. To our misfortune they accidentally gave away all of the vanilla cakes and gave Dusty a chocolate cake with some kind of fudge filling. I was very disappointed but the owner said we could come back Sunday for the vanilla cake. I told Dusty he shouldn’t have even taken the chocolate cake because I don’t like chocolate all that much and it would be wasted. The owner insisted Dusty take it I guess. I’ve never tasted such good chocolate cake. It was wonderful. Needless to say, we went back Sunday and got the vanilla sample cake. It was just as I remembered it, delicious! I’ve thought about shopping around for different wedding cakes but I love this cake so much that I just don’t have the heart. We’ve decided to get our cake from Chris Janicek’s Cakebox. I hope everyone saves room for cake at our wedding. I’m tempted to even have to-go boxes just so people can take cake home with them if they didn’t get any at the reception.

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  • The Bridesmaids Dress

    October 4, 2006

    Last week I went to the mall again to look at bridesmaids’ dresses. I got desperate and tried on the dresses myself. I saw this dress and thought it was beautiful. I wasn’t quite sure if the girls would like it because of the low v-neck front. Tonight I went back to White House | Black Market with Keely and Alyssa to make my final decision on bridesmaids dresses. I’ve been to White House | Black Market a dozen times, each time changing my mind about what dress is going to look the best and every time I find a new option. It must be the season to introduce new dresses to their collection. If you can believe it I decided the dress I tried on the other day was “the one”. Click on the smaller pictures to see them enlarged.

    The saddest part is that I can’t buy it for myself now. I was tempted to buy it but I couldn’t think of a good reason why I would buy the same dress my bridesmaids were going to be wearing. For some it might be weird that I wanted to buy the dress myself but that was my ultimate goal. I wanted to find a dress that the girls could actually wear again and that I might even want to wear. I would like to thank all of my bridesmaids for trying on so many dresses so I could find the perfect dress for them.


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  • Bridesmaids Dresses

    September 28, 2006

    I’m getting anxious for the wedding. I tried so hard to be on the ball and make all of the big decisions before classes started in August that now it’s waiting time. We will eventually start choosing things like our wedding bands, wedding cake, tuxs, and flower girl dresses but none of these decisions must be made today.  Picking the bridesmaids dresses is one thing that I’ve been wanting to find. My ultimate goal is to find a dress that my bridesmaids can wear again, and I’m not just saying that.I’ve been in many weddings and feel very lucky to be a part of my friends’ weddings but it’s getting very expensive purchasing a dress and never wearing it again. For those of you who haven’t bought a brides maids dress lately, they’re only getting more expensive. A couple of years ago a dress might cost 100 dollars but now it’s costing almost 200 dollars including alterations and most of the time, girls can only wear it once.

    I found a great store, White House Black Market, with great little black dresses. I’ve narrowed it down to three dresses. The girls like them so now it’s just making the decision between them all. Let us know if you have a favorite, it might help us decide which one to pick.  The first dress has a sweetheart neckline and three options for the sash. We would get the black sash. The second dress has a halter neckline and is made of a taffeta fabric. The third dress also has a sweetheart neckline and is silk.

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