Week 38

May 21, 2014

Weekly Baby Picture / Week 38

I didn’t mention it last week but my sister babysat Annabelle Friday evening while Dusty and I were at Big Omaha and she mentioned to me that she saw Annabelle tugging at her ear a few times (a sign she has an ear infection). Over the weekend I saw her tug at it two more times and was pretty skeptical that this meant she was sick. I know that it is a sign but I was expecting a large amount of tugging and lots of crankiness. Then on Saturday and Sunday she had a small temperature on and off. We’d give her ibuprofen and her temperature would go down. Then later on she’d feel hot again. Otherwise, Annabelle was her pleasant self all weekend.

Well, by Monday, knowing we were leaving on Wednesday, and I not wanting to discover I had a sick child on the plane called the doctor and got an appointment. I didn’t want to be one of those overprotective moms who call the doctor at the smallest sign of illness but I felt traveling overseas was a pretty good excuse. My worry paid off, she ended up having double ear infections. The doctor said the medicine took a couple of days to kick in but that by the time we left on Wednesday she should be getting better (although I sure didn’t see any signs that she wasn’t her normal self). The next couple of days went by fast, Annabelle started to have a bit of a cough but nothing too concerning. Annabelle and I spent the days packing and cleaning our place while Dusty was trying to tie up any loose ends at work.

Weekly Baby Picture / Week 38

Wednesday we left for Paris. We flew from Omaha to Newark and had a 6+ hour layover. We planned it this way though.  We’ve been flying enough to know that many, many things can go wrong, and with an 8-month old we wanted to try and prevent as much from going wrong as possible. Our first leg was great.

Dusty had a business meeting in NYC during our layover so Annabelle and I hunkered down for a nice afternoon/evening in the airport. Annabelle played, slept a bit in her stroller and then woke up a bit out of it. I fed her and she was still looking a little off. She felt as though she had a small temperature so I gave her some baby ibuprofen. She wasn’t happy about the medicine and threw up all of the milk I had just fed her. I’m sitting in the airport with Annabelle in the stroller with milk all over her. Annabelle was a trooper. We ended up getting everything all cleaned up (but not before Annabelle was being strolled around the airport with just her diaper on, sitting on gobs of paper towels). I called our doctor just to make sure they thought everything was all right. Dusty got back. Annabelle started to look better. And we got on our flight.

Shortly after our flight began Annabelle started wheezing and was short of breath. She was pretty lethargic and slept almost the entire flight. Needless to say, it was a long 6-hour flight. So, after getting off the flight, getting our luggage and getting to the apartment our first mission was to get her to a doctor.  And while this was all going on there was more throwing up, baby crying, lots of wheezing, and a panicked mom! And below is the first picture we took while in Paris.  At the hospital getting a breathing treatment.


I had some contacts in Paris and with their recommendation was able to get in to see a pediatrician at the American hospital in Paris. Annabelle was diagnosed with bronchiolitis. I had heard my friends talk about it with their kids but had completely forgotten about it until the doctor mentioned it. She had all the symptoms. She had a breathing treatment in the doctor’s office and then we got a prescription for a nebulizer and medicine. It took no time before she was back to her bubbly self. I had done my research and had prepared for taking Annabelle to the doctor in Paris, knowing that we were here for 6-weeks and something might happen but it happening the moment we arrived was a bit of a shock. Thank goodness for an awesome husband who was able to navigate a worried mommy and sick little lady.

Weekly Baby Picture / Week 38

So, we’re in Paris for the next 6 weeks! What a momentous start to our journey. We spent the rest of the week and weekend getting settled in to our place as well as resting from the flight and the bronchiolitis. The weather was beautiful, 70s and sunny. Sunday we tried out the bus system for the first time (we’ve always used the metro) and went to the Eiffel Tower for some family time at the park!

Then on Monday Annabelle and I went to Luxembourg gardens to meet an American mommy and her youngest son for a play date in the park. It was so much fun! While preparing for our trip I did some research on expat parents in Paris, knowing I would need some advice navigating the city with an infant. I was also hoping to meet some wonderful mommies and their children that Annabelle and I could get to know.

Weekly Baby Picture / Week 38

And here are just a few more updates about Annabelle this week. Being sick hasn’t slowed her down at all. A while ago our little lady figured out how to bend her knees and how to sit after standing but now she’s getting really good at standing from a sitting position without needing to hang onto anything. It’s not Facebook official yet but we almost have a walker. She’s doing a lot of walking while gripping onto our fingers.

Annabelle’s outfit and shoes for this week came from grandma Jane.  She’s our little Parisian baby! And if you can believe it, these pictures were taken on Friday, just 24-hours after getting treated for bronchiolitis.


  • Comment by Megan — May 21, 2014 @ 4:14 pm

    Gosh, that’s a heck of an arrival! So glad that she’s on the mend and that you guys are back to enjoying the city of light. (Also, I had no idea about bronchiolitis — noted!)

  • Comment by Marlina — May 21, 2014 @ 8:47 pm

    Megan, thanks for the note. It’s crazy how textbook the progression of the illness was. Didn’t know that bronchiolitis often started out with ear infection, cough and then a few days later it hits. I think our big issue was that we were on an airplane and breathing can be difficult anyway. Crazy thing is that Dusty’s mom said that he and his sister had it growing up as kids quite a few times. Hope Wyatt never has to deal with it!

  • Comment by Molly — May 26, 2014 @ 2:12 am

    Poor Baby-glad she is feeling better and hope the rest of the trip is very uneventful!

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