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February 14, 2006

Everyone has something in their life that they really enjoy and cherish. It is our home that I am really proud of. Last January Dusty and I decided to move in together. As we were looking at places we decided we wanted to live in the Dundee area or Downtown in the Old Market. One late Saturday night/Sunday morning Dusty checked Omaha.com and found a few ads for places. One said something like this…. Super fly loft. Huge windows, two bedrooms, 2,000 sq. feet.

Sunday morning we called and went to go look at the place. Dusty was hooked and I just needed a little persuading. We called back thirty minutes after leaving and went back Monday to sign the papers. We moved in February 1st, 2004 and have been slowly making it our place ever since. Here’s the layout and some pictures.

We have parking in the back of the building. Something I was adamant about. There are only 10 apartments in the place and everyone is very friendly, mostly young people. There is commercial space below us but there aren’t any businesses. We have cement floors through out the place. The bedrooms are carpeted and the kitchen and bathroom have wood floors. We have the best view in the building, facing north over the old market.

Everyone always asks about the noise but we never hear anything. It’s really nice to have so many restaurants and entertainment so close. Hope you enjoy our place as much as we do. To get a better look at the pictures, you can click on the picture and it should open in a new window, so you can see without squinting.

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