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  • Remembering A Loved One

    February 3, 2014


    My stepbrother, Mark, passed away after fighting a staph infection of the blood for the past month.  We traveled to Oklahoma to see him two weeks ago, right before he passed.  He was a great husband, brother, son and friend.  I am blessed to have known him.  I think that Mark’s passing has been so hard because he was so young, just 34 years old.  It reminds me how precious yet fragile life is.  We keep him in our thoughts always and continue to remember all of the good times we all had.  One of my favorite memories is when he proposed to his wife, Melissa, at our house while we were all together as a family opening Christmas gifts.  He had wrapped up a box of bridal magazines and after she opened the box he got down on one knee to pop the big question. We love you Mark and may you watch over us until we meet again.

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  • Dinner at Bret’s Table

    April 12, 2012

    Last weekend we were in Minneapolis visiting Dusty’s dad, Dean and stepmom, Julie before I get overly busy with the end of the semester and Dusty gets inundated with last minute details for Big Omaha.  Dean and Julie have some good friends, Bret and Jon who we have become close with, in part because they love food just as much as we do (if not more).  Bret recently traveled to France and lead a culinary tour around the country, including Provence, where they went to the former home of Julia Child.  He also runs private events and classes in the Minneapolis area as well as in his home.

    It just happens that this past weekend Bret and Jon were having some friends over for a little day of cooking, eating, and drinking, and we got the privilege to attend.  We got some excellent culinary lessons from Bret (who is an excellent teacher by the way) and then ate the beautiful masterpieces we had created.  One of our prep jobs was to be in charge of choosing the wines to pair with each dish and I must say we did an excellent job.  Minneapolis had this great wine shop, France 44, that had an excellent selection of French wines.


    Here’s a look at the menu we prepared:

    Anchovy Tapenade with Crackers
    Kir Royal (a popular French cocktail made with creme de cassis–black currant liqueur topped up with champagne)

    Cuisses Poulet farci avec la saucisse avec jus (Stuffed Chicken Thighs)
    Pomme de terre parisienne (Parisian Potatoes)
    Steamed small carrots

    Salad Vert

    Tartelettes au chocolat individuels avec des framboises et crème à la pistache (Individual Chocolate Tarts with Raspberries and Pistachio Cream)

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  • Weekend in Oklahoma City

    April 9, 2012

    We spent the weekend visiting family in Oklahoma City.  We drove down with my sister and her two kids, spent the weekend at the medievel festival and went to one of my niece’s softball games.  Photos from our weekend adventures.


    Top left: Nieces playing video games and watching movies on the iPad under the blankets. Others: Medievel Festival.

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  • We’ve spent the last few Thanksgiving weekends in Minneapolis and again this year we made the drive up north. Here are a few pictures from our weekend with friends and family.

    On another note of thanks. I received an email over the holiday weekend from a student who I had a few semesters ago.  I thought it was nice message to pass along.  It also reminds me that I should be sending out messages of my thanks to others as well.

    Thank you for each and every contribution that you’ve made to my life conciously as well as unconciously. I truly appreciate the guidance and knowledge you instill in me and other students with all that you have! I am grateful for people like you in my life and personally wish you a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. Enjoy ( :

    thanksgiving2011_001 thanksgiving2011_002

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  • We spent Thanksgiving in Minneapolis with Dusty’s father, Dean, step mom, Julie, and some of his family. We had a great time seeing everyone and spending a relaxing weekend eating turkey. The Saturday after Thanksgiving we left Minneapolis to go to Waukon, IA to see my grandparents and help celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary. We were so happy to be able see my family and to be a part of this great event. To see such a happy couple who have been together for 60 years is really momentous.

    Picture of Grandpa & Grandma with the grandchildren.

    Grandpa & Grandma with the great-grandchildren who stayed long enough for the picture to be taken.

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  • Summer With My Nieces

    July 31, 2009

    This summer I agreed to watch my two nieces a few times a month.  I didn’t realize how exhausting those days were going to be.  My mom and I took turns watching the girls once a week and sometimes we all did things together.  We went swimming a few times, walked across the pedestrian bridge, and went down the slides in the Old Market.  It was a lot of fun.  Here are some pictures of the adventures we had.

    summernieces_003 summernieces_001
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  • Ice Skating

    January 19, 2009

    For the past two years we’ve had an ice skating rink in the Old Market.  This year we got the opportunity to go with my dad and the whole gang.  Dusty and I actually got on the ice with Brandon, Bella, Gabby and Gracie.  Everyone else came for morale support.  We all went to dinner afterward.  We took our new camera and got some really great shots.  Hope you enjoy!!!


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  • All Smiles

    April 16, 2007

    This weekend another one of our flower girls got the chance to try on her dress for the wedding. Gracie is three years old and full of all kinds of energy. Before taking this picture I asked Gracie to smile, she instantly squinted her eyes, leaned to the side and gave me the biggest smile. She’s going to be a perfect flower girl, not only for her cute pictures but also for her great dancing moves. We are getting really excited for the wedding with it being a little over two months away. We’ve been busy these past few weeks getting things ready. We met with our pastor, ordered our invitations and scheduled our engagement pictures to just name a few things. Everyone has been so wonderful. We are so lucky to have such great family and friends. We can’t wait to see you all.

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  • Our Favorite Girls

    January 27, 2007


    I found this picture and wanted to share it with everyone. It’s a picture of our five flowergirls from Christmas at our place. Dusty had taken some of the kids on a walk so I could clean the kitchen before we opened Christmas presents. One of the girls wanted hot chocolate when they got back and Dusty just couldn’t help himself, he made them homemade hot chocolate. Seeing this picture really gets me excited for the wedding.

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  • Our Princesses

    January 19, 2007


    I received two of the flower girl dresses in the mail this past week and finally got the chance to get my nieces to try them on. They’re the cutest girls and the dresses fit great. The dresses are just big enough for the girls to grow a little over the next 5 months. Seeing the girls in these dresses makes me get excited for everything coming in the next few months. What’s really exciting is that we have three more flower girls… three more princesses.

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