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  • Dusty Turns the Big 3-0

    February 21, 2011

    Dusty turned 30 and we celebrate with some of our closest friends and family at one of our favorite local restaurants.  It was nice to spend the evening reminiscing and remember all of the wonderful memories that we’ve created over the years.


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  • He’s Just so Dreamy

    December 12, 2009

    Sometime in August Dusty called me, telling me he had a funny story.  He shared it with me (and with the permission of the original story-teller) and since I thought it was such a great story I had to tell all of you.  He said that he was driving somewhere and had to pull over because he was laughing so hard.  I will admit (not happily though) that my husband reads his emails on his cell phone while he’s driving on occasion and while reading an email he had gotten from a business acquaintance he just couldn’t concentrate on driving. I couldn’t imagine an email so good that it would make you pull over so you could read it more thoroughly and after having him forward it to me, I can see where he might have wanted to read it a little closer. Here’s how the email went:

    Hi there.  Okay, so I pick up my daughter (16 years old) and her friends from the pool and she notices a business card I have in my cup holder of my car….she was in Youth Leadership Omaha (you may recall that group visited your office), but her friends were not and she notices that the card is Dusty Davidson’s from BrightMix (from the AIM mixer).  This is the next ten minutes of my life as she’s talking to her friends…

    “Oh my god, my mom knows Dusty Davidson.  Oh my god, Dusty Davidson is the coolest most amazing guy.  Oh my god…he buys Mountain Dew for all his employees, my mom won’t buy squat for her employees…Mom, why don’t you buy Mountain Dew for your employees like Dusty Davidson does?  They love him.  He also has this awesom office and everyone wants to work for him.  He’s some smart computer, guy, I don’t know he does, but its so awesome.  I can’t believe he would even speak to my dorky mother.  Oh my God, you can’t believe how gorgeous he is…(insert detailed and flattering description of your personal appearance here).  Dusty Davidson, yup…Dusty Davidson is soooo cute…I would marry Dusty Davidson.  Dusty Davidson is the kind of man I want to marry.”

    I guess that Dusty had spoken to a group of high schoolers before school got out last spring (they didn’t actually come to his office, he had gone to speak to them somewhere else) and touted about his company and how he did things like buy soda for everyone.  Of course those are the type of things that high schoolers are concerned about at that age.  I guess this was a whole day event and there were quite a few speakers but Dusty was one of the youngest ones there and probably one of the hippest in the eyes of his audience.  Dusty knew this girl’s mom because of some other random event he had gone to and thus gave her his business card. I thought it was a cute story and just reminds me, I better watch out for those young girls.  I guess I’m a pretty lucky gal, my husband owns his own business and buys his employees soda!

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  • Good Reviews For Big Omaha

    December 5, 2009

    Dusty and many others worked very hard on the Big Omaha conference and the question was at the end of the day, was it as success. Well, It looks like it was. A big technology and news website, ReadWriteWeb, did a write up on Big Omaha and gave it really good reviews. There’s also a video of Dusty and Jeff (one of the other organizers of the event and good friends of ours) that you should check out to see how professional Dusty sounds. I’ve been giving him some lessons on public speaking and he’s really been getting a lot of practice Check out the article to hear what others said about the conference!

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  • As some of you know, Dusty helped start a website called Silicon Prairie News. As the website says,

    Silicon Prairie News is dedicated to providing news and information about Omaha, and the region’s, creative class. This includes, but isn’t limited to: entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, artists, visionaries and creatives. In short, those looking to make our region an even better place to live and work! Knowing that our area is filled with insanely talented and passionate individuals, we are playing a role to highlight and connect these groups with one another. 

    One of the big things that they worked on this past year was to host a conference in Omaha for over 400 people. Big Omaha was a lot of work for Dusty and the rest of the crew but it’s gotten really big reviews and they’re planning to host the event again this summer. Here’s what the website says about the event.

    What happens when the country’s foremost creatives, entrepreneurs and innovators descend on one place? That place explodes. Which is precisely what we plan for Omaha. The energy will be impossible to contain. We will begin building communities, companies and friendships. We will inspire new thoughts and completely new ways of thinking. We will develop visions: personal, shared, and civic. Speakers will come from some of the most innovative companies in the nation. And you’ll hear fantastic stories from numerous emerging businesses. In the end, you’ll take away a network and an energy that will propel those new connections to greatness. For you. For your business. For your community. Come to the heart of the Midwest. And let’s rebuild this country from the inside out.

    Some of our family members were nice enough to come and help out with the event.  Dusty’s mom, Jane, worked all day directing all of the volunteers and helping make sure everything ran smoothly.  Dusty’s sister, Sara, helped with the planning of the event and worked on the day of the event, making sure everyone stayed happy.  My mom, Suzane, even pitched in, bringing us some much needed ice for all of the soda and water the participants were drinking.

    bigomaha2009_005 bigomaha2009_006 bigomaha2009_007 bigomaha2009_003 bigomaha2009_001

    Photos courtesy of Malone and Company

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  • Media_httpwwwdustyand_lruob

    One of Dusty’s goals when starting BrightMix was not only to be a forward thinking company but to also be active in the community and to help encourage entrepreneurship locally. While doing this, some of his efforts have been highlighted in some of the local papers. Here are just a few.

    Venture to offer a co-working combo BY STEFANIE MONGE WORLD-HERALD STAFF WRITER Omaha entrepreneurs in need of work space will have another alternative when a new venture that seeks to expand companies and foster creativity opens later this summer. The project — called Jailbreak Omaha — will function as part co-working space and part incubator for startup companies. Co-working involves individuals and small companies sharing office space to save money and exchange ideas. The concept is gaining popularity among freelance workers and independent designers across the country, said Dusty Davidson, one of the project’s coordinators and co-owner of Brightmix — a small Omaha-based Web development company. So Davidson and other project coordinators, including Jeff Slobotski of Silicon Prairie News, decided to open a co-working space in Omaha. They want to bring “the coffee shop crowd” together to work and to collaborate, Davidson said. It can be difficult for small companies to rent office space when first starting out, he said. Entrepreneurs frequently work out of their homes or coffee shops as an alternative to paying for space. Davidson said the group is looking at locations in or around the Aksarben Village area because of its central location, proximity to the University of Nebraska at Omaha and the new development in the area. He and his partners initially chose the name Jailbreak as a code name, modeled after a similar place called “Gangplank” in Phoenix. The group liked it, and the name stuck, he said.

    And here’s another article below.

    New program brings UNO delight By Chad Purcell WORLD-HERALD STAFF WRITER When Dusty Davidson and Kevin Zink first opened BrightMix, a company that develops Internet-based software applications, they worked out of Zink’s basement. Within three months, Davidson and Zink moved into their own Omaha office space. Today, just two years after startup, they employ three other computer whizzes and oversee a paid summer internship program. Davidson, who graduated from Iowa State with a computer science degree in 2003, said he never imagined when he got out of school that he’d be his own boss. He worked at an unsatisfying corporate job before he ever got the bright idea to create BrightMix. But Davidson said he might have been able to get where he is today even more quickly had he been enrolled in a program like the one the University of Nebraska at Omaha will begin offering this fall.

    It’s amazing how much Dusty and BrightMix have accomplished in just a little over 2 1/2 years.  Not only has Dusty been in the paper, he’s also been speaking around town.  It seems that almost on a week basis Dusty’s going somewhere to speak about BrightMix, Silicon Prairie New, or just entrepreneurship in Omaha.

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  • icecreamsocial_005icecreamsocial_006
    This summer we celebrated BrightMix turning 2 and Silicon Prairie News 1st Birthday.  It was a huge event and we had lots of great supporters.  We’d like to thank our family and friends for coming out to celebrate with us.  The event was ice cream themed.  BrightMix supplied the ice cream and those who attended were invited to bring their favorite ice cream topping.  We had a variety of different toppings from the usual to the unusual.  Some toppings included chocolate syrup, bacon, gummy bears, and sprinkles.  Check out the other pictures and see who came to celebrate!
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  • BrightMix Construction

    June 7, 2009

    We are still living in the Old Market but sometimes I feel like we’re living in a little fixer upper because we’re always doing something to the BrightMix office.  Dusty and his business partner, Kevin decided they needed to create more space at BrightMix.  Within the past year BrightMix has gained two full-time employees and several other people coming in and out of the office that are taking up space. This summer the BrightMix crew (including myself) and others helped to update the basement and make more room for Silicon Prairie News to move in to the basement.  Here are some pictures but go to Office Construction, Round 1, Office Construction, Round 2, and Office Construction, Round 3 for more pictures and updates.

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  • 40 Under 40 Award

    December 7, 2008

    Dusty was selected as one of the 2008 entrepreneurs, executives and business professionals under the age of 40 in the greater Omaha/Council Bluffs area.The Midlands Business Journal chooses 40 individuals each year to honor their accomplishments and hard work.Selection is based on creative leadership and growth of the organization or department the person works with.

    A picture of Dusty and the short bio included below will be in the current issue of the Midlands Business Journal.


    Dusty Davidson BrightMix, 27

    As one of the co-founders of a growing Web development company BrightMix, Dusty Davidson launched a product called TripleSeat during the first year in business; TripleSeat is a service providing a new option for businesses in the restaurant industry and is meeting goals of steady, organic growth.

    Davidson and BrightMix co-founder Kevin Zink sought to bring their vision of business to fruition, and their company took shape from origins in consulting from a home office, leading to a move this year into a midtown office.

    BrightMix has provided internships for students and has grown in employees and revenue since it got off the ground in 2007.Not only is Davidson an entrepreneur, he is involved in the promotion of other Omaha entrepreneurs via several projects: He helps run the Web site Silicon Prairie News, which spotlights Nebraska entrepreneurs and innovators with goals of pushing forward ideas that encourage Omaha’s viability as a city for creativity and innovation. Aiming for weekly interviews, the Web site’s founders promote news items that might otherwise be flying under the radar.

    This year Davidson was involved in creating Omaha’s first BarCamp, a gathering to bring together entrepreneurs, innovators, technologists and others.

    Davidson is an original member of the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce’s Cornstalks group for entrepreneurs and inventors. Davidson has been involved in helping to organize networking and informal educational events through Cornstalks.

    Davidson has a bachelor’s in computer science from Iowa State University and has five years experience in his field.

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