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  • You might already know how the proposal went if you’ve been following our blog.  But here’s a summary of everything that happened for those who want to hear the story. Dusty and I went on a two-week vacation to Europe, starting in Copenhagen, then going to Berlin and Hamburg and ending in Paris. We did everything, tours, bikes, boats, World Cup games, site-seeing, cafes, amusement park rides, and lots of walking. While in Paris, on day twelve of our trip, we toured the Orsay Museum in the morning and went to the Rodin museum in the afternoon. For lunch we went to the Latin Quarter, where there a lot of cafes and imbisses (fastfood places). We ate by the Seine and watched the riverboats. Later in the afternoon we visited Napoleon’s Tomb, and went to Rue Cler for people watching and wine drinking at Cafe du Marche.

    Later in the evening we went back to the shops of Rue Cler to pick up food for our picnic, something we had wanted to do since we started planning the trip almost a year ago. We went to Top Halles Fruits and Vegetables for strawberries, Boulangerie for bread and a chocolate dessert, Wine Bacchus for a bottle of wine and champagne, Fromagerie for different cheeses, and La Maison du Jambon for salami. After rushing to get food before all of the small shops closed for the evening we walked to the Eiffel Tower. We found a great place on the lawn looking up at the Eiffel Tower.

    We had a nice dinner along with some French wine. Eventually the sun went down and the lights of the Eiffel Tower turned on. It was a perfect night. Ending the wonderful evening, Dusty asked me to marry him and I said YES! It was an amazing ending to a perfect day.

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  • Wedding Party

    August 2, 2008


    So here’s the gang. Hopefully we won’t get into too much trouble. History has often shown that when we get together, anything is possible. Please get to know those people that are closest to us. They have made a lasting impression on us and we hope they do the same for you. Thanks everyone, for helping us prepare for this very special day.


    Maid of Honor — Keely Burns — Friend of the Bride

    I met Keely at Northwest Missouri State University. I was a sophomore and she was a freshman. We both were going through rush that year. Although she became a Sigma Kappa and I became a Phi Mu we found we had mutual friends. I started going out with Keely and some of her friends and we really became friends second semester when her roommate took an internship in Omaha (Alyssa was her roommate who I didn’t know at the time). It’s interesting how much two people can go through and still be the best of friends. We started out on a bumpy road, liking the same guys but it only made us stronger friends. I really owe it to her for Dusty and I being together. If she hadn’t suggested we go downtown for New Year’s Eve, I might not be planning my wedding right now. Keely moved to Omaha after graduating and works at a non-profit organization as their public relations/human resource specialist.

    Matron of Honor — Kristin (Tomford) Nelson — Friend of the Bride

    Kristin and I went to junior high and high school together. We volunteered at Jennie Edmunson hospital together as candy stripers (teen volunteers) and wearing those red and white dresses. We went to prom together, we got tattoos together, we went to my grandma’s lake house together, and grew up together. We always somehow stayed in touch, even after I went to Maryville. Even though we were so young when we first met, we’ve managed to stay close. She’s my oldest and dearest of friends. Kristin got married to Adam in April 2005.

    Bridesmaid — Alyssa (Welu) Stieren — Friend of the Bride

    Alyssa and I met at Northwest, through Keely. She came back from her internship and returned as Keely’s roommate, the roommate that I had never met but heard a lot about. Through college we really got to know each other and hung out a lot. While Keely went to Las Vegas the next summer to visit her parents, Alyssa and I stayed Omaha. Alyssa got married to Greg the day before Dusty and I left for Europe, in fact, they are the reason we didn’t leave earlier. Alyssa is currently working for an accounting firm.

    Bridesmaid — Jodi Howe — Sister of the Bride

    Jodi is my younger sister by two years. She got married last September and I had the privilege of being in her wedding. She has two beautiful children, Emma and Mia. We hope to have both of the girls be flower girls. We’re not sure if Mia will be old enough but we’re going to try and start practicing now so she can get the hang of it. Jodi works in the office at Volvo Trucking in Omaha.

    Bridesmaid — Sara Davidson — Sister of the Groom

    Sara is Dusty’s younger sister by four years. Sara graduated from Iowa State in May 2007 with a public relations degree. She is spending this summer in Ames but we hope we’ll be seeing a lot more when she moves back to Omaha.

    Flower Girl — Emma Vodicka — Niece of Bride Flower Girl — Mia Vodicka — Niece of Bride Flower Girl — Isabella O’Dell — Niece of Bride Flower Girl — Gabrielle O’Dell — Niece of Bride Flower Girl– Gracelyn O’Dell — Niece of Bride


    Best Man — Andy Damgaard — Friend of the Groom

    Damgaard and I have been friends for longer than I can remember. Friends in high school, then in college we were roommates for a while, and now we’re both living here in glorious Omaha. Damgaard is currently working part time for Warped Sportz, and is looking to start his own airbrushing business. He’s an – say it with me now – ENTREPRENEUR.


    Groomsman — Brian Stageman — Friend of the Groom

    Brian currently is in the Air Force, stationed in Arizona. Prior to that he was in cloudy England for a couple years, and prior to that he was living in Iowa City. Many good times were had at Brian’s apartment in Iowa City, especially when it involved Jakes. On Damgaard’s 21st, he punched a wall and broke his hand. That was funny. Oh, and he assembled the often-played “Crappy Stuff” CD’s.

    Groomsman — Andy Diller — Friend of the Groom

    For the past few years, Diller has been living the dream out in Colorado, skiing more days per year than any one of the rest of us skiis in a lifetime. Prior to that he also lived with Damgaard & I in Ames. He has recently moved back to the Omaha area.


    Groomsman — Eric Diller — Friend of the Groom

    Eric Diller (Andy’s brother, and also known as Diller when Andy’s not around), currently resides in Iowa City. Prior to that he lived and attended school in Cedar Falls, where much fun was had. He introduced the rest of us to the likes of HOSH, and UNI Homecoming. He once mumbled “spentences” for an entire evening, and I ate grilled cheese sandwiches. Yum.

    Groomsman — Abe Colpitts — Friend of the Couple

    I first met Abe long before I met Marlina, as he was friends with Matt Willard and would come to visit us in Ames. Little did I know that he had been friends with Marlina since high school. He currenly lives here in Omaha, so we see quite a bit of him. When we go out to the bars, Abe and I like to play crappy stuff on the jukebox, and stand back and watch the people clear out. Tis fun.

    Usher — Josh Clanton — Friend of the Groom

    Ever since Josh transfered to Iowa State halfway through college, we’ve hung out quite a bit. Tailgating at ISU football games and other random nights. He currently resides in Des Moines, where he works for CitiBank. One time, Josh spent the night in jail because I got water thrown on me. Thanks Josh.


    Usher — Adam Laver — Friend of the Groom

    Adam was the first out of my close group of friends to get married, which I likened to the “4 minute mile” — He was the first, then a bunch of people followed (me, Josh, Steve, etc). He now has a baby boy, which from the picture, looks just like him. They live in Springfield, MO currently, but hopefully they’ll be moving closer to the rest of us soon.


    Usher — Steve Kenealy — Friend of the Groom

    Last but certainly not least, is Steve. Actually, out of everyone, I probably see Steve the most. He’s a fellow computer nerd, and lives here in Omaha as well. He was really angry that I got to see the World Cup in Germany this summer. He got to watch it in HD though, which was probably better than the seats that we had.

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  • Honeymoon in Kauai

    September 6, 2007

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  • Plan for the Weather

    June 18, 2007

    We’ve been watching the 10 day forecast for the past few days and it looks like it’s going to be a great June day, a little warm with a few clouds but still a great day for a wedding. Make sure you plan for the weather.

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  • A Busy Weekend In Omaha

    June 16, 2007

    We’ve discovered that Omaha has a lot to offer the weekend of our wedding. We wanted to let everyone know about the events in case you find time to venture out. Some of you might know that the College World Series started a few days ago and will continue until next weekend. Here is a list of the dates and times of the games.


    College World Series Game Schedule Gates open 2 hours prior to game time. There are no scheduled games on Friday, June 22. If both bracket winners are undefeated, there will be no games Thursday, June 21. Session 11 / Game 13 Thursday, June 21 1:00PM Only if needed. If one game is played, it will be the 6 pm game. Session 11 / Game 14 Thursday, June 21 6:00PM Only if needed. Championship Game 1 Saturday, June 23 6:00PM Championship Game 2 Sunday, June 24 6:00PM Championship Game 3 Monday, June 25 6:00PM If needed. Other exciting events include the annual Summer Arts Festival and the Farmer’s Market. Both are within walking distance from anywhere in the Old Market. Omaha Summer Arts Festival


    June 22, 23, 24, 2007 Gene Leahy Mall 10th to 14th on Farnam St Artists’ Market Friday 11 am–8 pm Saturday 11 am–8 pm Sunday 11 am–5 pm World Music Pavilion Stage Friday 11 am–11 pm Saturday 11 am–11 pm Sunday 11 am–5 pm Farmer’s Market Saturday, June 23rd Corner of 11th & Jackson 8:00 am – 12:30 pm If you’re looking for a place to eat we have listed a few of our Old Market favorites. M’s Pub We love the lavosh. It’s a great place to get lunch or dinner and a great glass of wine. It’s also the place Dusty took me on our first date. La Buvette Wine & Grocery This will remind you of a cafe in Paris. You can choose a glass or bottle of wine from their selection and just pay a small corking fee. There is a great menu. We usually get the cheese plate and humus with french bread. Nicola’s in the Market This a wonderful place for a great Italian dish. They have a nice lunch and dinner menu. If you’re lucky you might even get Nichola as your waitress. Upstream Brewing Company This is one of our favorite places to go for a superb beer. Dusty drinks the Capital Pale Ale and I drink the O Gold! Dusty’s favorite food is the shrimp white pizza and I really enjoy the smoked gouda soup. For a detailed list of places you can eat at go to Oldmarket.com.

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  • Last Sunday we had our engagement announcement in the Council Bluffs Nonpareil newspaper. The countdown has started and we are counting everyday until the big day. For those who don’t get the Nonpareil we posted the big announcement.

    Marlina Howe and Dustin Davidson would like to announce their engagement and approaching wedding. The future bride is the daughter of Gary Howe and Suzane Merit, both of Council Bluffs. Marlina graduated with a master’s degree in communication from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She is employed at UNO as an instructor of communication. The future groom is the son of Dean Davidson of Minneapolis, Minn., and Jane Davidson of Council Bluffs. Dustin graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Iowa State University in Ames. He is employed at C&A Industries as a software developer. Dustin proposed to Marlina on June 23, 2006, at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The couple plan a June 23 wedding in Omaha.

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  • Engagement Pictures

    May 30, 2007

    0521-011 (1)

    We received our engagement picture proofs a few weeks ago. It was very difficult to pick out the best one but we finally decided. Douglas Gunder is our photographer and he has done a wonderful job. We couldn’t have picked a better person to take our most important pictures.

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  • shower1

    The past several weekends have kept us very busy. The first event, a few weekends ago my bridesmaids threw me a bridal shower with all of my girlfriends. It was so beautiful. The shower was at the Upstream Brewing Company. There was great food, flowers, cake and friends. It was so nice to have so many friends there.

    The following weekend my sister, Jodi and my mother, Suzane threw me a bridal shower for my family. The shower was at our house. Jodi and my mom prepared a wonderful brunch and led everyone in a small game to test their knowledge of Dusty and I. Everyone had a great time. It was so nice to have so many family members and future family members there. We are very lucky to have such a supportive family.

    I would like to thank everyone for coming to both showers, especially those people that traveled and had so many other things going on those same days. I would also like to thank my bridesmaids, especially Keely, Kristin and Jodi, and my mom for devoting so much time and energy to these showers. The showers reminded me of how close the wedding is to being here and how many wonderful friends and family I have, supporting Dusty and I as we begin our new adventure together. Thank you to everyone!! See you at the wedding.


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  • Stamps

    May 8, 2007

    We recently sent out our wedding invitations and discovered a bit of a mishap. Trying to be a very organized bride I realized that the postage stamp was going up and that we needed to send out invitations before the transitioning date. Last week as I was mailing the last few invitations I realized that the postage for the invitation wasn’t the only stamp that was changing. The stamps I put on the RSVP envelopes were going up as well. I started to worry that if our guests RSVP’d on or after May 14th that the envelopes might not reach us and thus preventing us from knowing who was attending the wedding. I went to the post office today and it seems that the RSVPs should reach us and we will just be charged the extra 2 cents. Just as a reminder, postage is going up in a week and to be on the safe side, if you can, please RSVP as soon as possible. We hope to see everyone in June.

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  • Invitations

    April 19, 2007

    We’ve been searching for invitations for quite a while and finally found the perfect one. It’s amazing to see how many different wedding invitations you can choose from. The invitations we picked are simple but have an added touch with a little shimmer to the paper. As the website says “A new twist to a classic card invitations… shimmer! This invitation is fun with its shimmer, yet sophisticated with its classic size and cream color.”

    Above is a picture of the invitations but the picture doesn’t do the invitations justice. We decided to order our invitations off of the internet. After months of searching, we found a site that had a great selection and great record for customer service. Make sure to look for yours in the mail. We’ll be sending them out soon.

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