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  • Enjoying Married Life

    November 13, 2010
    Enjoying Married Life_001 Enjoying Married Life_002 Enjoying Married Life_003 Enjoying Married Life_004

    Here are a few pictures from the past year. Top to Bottom: 1. Me at the last game at Rosenblatt Stadium 2. Dusty and Marlina celebrating the 4th of July 3. Dusty and Marlina at the Omaha Riverfront Wine Festival 4. Dusty and Andy.

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  • This year we spent our anniversary at home and it was perfect.  Dusty surprised me with a wonderful dinner and my favorite dessert, bread pudding, from a local restaurant that has the best bread pudding.  He even solicited one of his employees (and friend) to bring the dessert to our place right as we were finishing dinner. Every year I think to myself how lucky we are to have each other or at least I am to have Dusty.  I know at some point life gets more complicated and things get harder but I still feel as though we’re in the honeymoon stage. And as always, here are our anniversary pictures.

    anniversary2010_001 anniversary2010_002 anniversary2010_003 anniversary2010_004 anniversary2010_005
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  • Two Years Of Marriage

    December 2, 2009

    Every year I’d like to get our picture taken together around our anniversary to see how we’re aging over the years. Right around our 1st year anniversary we had a good friend get married and the photographer was kind enough to take an extra pictures of Dusty and I together outside. This year a friend of Dusty’s, who’s a professional photographer, Mike Malone, took our pictures. Here are the wonderful pictures he took of us this summer.

    anniversary2009 29278_024 29278_233 29278_307
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