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  • April {iphone style}

    May 23, 2014


    1. Annabelle’s first tooth
    2. Playing!
    3. Family dinner at Maria’s (best brown gravy on burritos)!
    4. Lunch. Blueberries and sweet potatoes.
    5. Family lunch at Dante!
    6. Flywheel dinner.
    7. Bring baby to work day!
    8. Family selfie!
    9. Sushi dinner at Taita.
    10. Running.
    11. Brownie Batter Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes (might be the best dessert I’ve ever made)!
    12. Annabelle’s new shades!

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  • March {iphone style}

    April 21, 2014


    1. Annabelle sitting by herself!
    2. Valentine from Annabelle.
    3. Annabelle showing off.  This is how she was siting and moving around in March.
    4. & 5. Spring Omaha Fashion Week
    6. Taking a walk on one of the random nice days.
    7. More moving around.
    8. Mom & Annabelle having a little happy hour.
    9. Prairie Gators at Omaha Code School Open House.
    10. Annabelle’s first St. Patrick’s day parade in the Old Market.
    11. & 12. Fish Fry.
    13. Razor clams at the Boiler Room.  Quick date night drinks & snack with Dusty.
    14. Annabelle sitting in a highchair! Restaurants are way more fun now.
    15. We made asparagus with prosciutto, homemade croutons, poached egg and balsamic vinegar.
    16. Lunch date at Dante Pizzeria.
    17. Annabelle sleeping with her favorite stuffed elephant.
    18. Cousin time. Mia & Annabelle.
    19. & 20. Omaha Craft Bartender Guild, Breaking the Ice event. Lots of yummy craft cocktails.

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  • February {iphone style}

    March 27, 2014


    1. Annabelle cheering on Iowa State (Dusty’s alma mater).
    2 & 3. Late lunch date with my two favorite people at our favorite spot, Dante’s.
    4 & 5. Had the pleasure of going to the Justin Timberlake Concert with Megan (and a special thank you to Megan for the wonderful invitation).
    6. Annabelle sleeping.  She’s sleeping with her rear end sticking up in the air these days.
    7. Annabelle after a day of celebrating Valentine’s day.
    8. Sleeping.
    9. Salty Seahorse from Ted & Wally’s. The best ice cream  ever and across the street from us.
    10. Scrap quilt I’m working on.
    11. Double-date with Allison.
    12. Annabelle being super cute.

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  • January {iphone style}

    February 22, 2014


    1. Flywheel Holiday Dinner at Le Bullion
    2. Picture of Dusty and I from the holiday dinner
    3. Ravioli-making
    4. Annabelle’s first day at daycare
    5. Grandpa Howe & Annabelle
    6. Ready for an adventure!
    7. Annabelle watching Dad work
    8. TOMS inspired shoes I made for Annabelle
    9. Annabelle holding her own bottle
    10. Waffles for dinner
    11. Pasta-making
    12. Annabelle & Dad on a walk around the Old Market during one of our random 60 degree days in January!

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  • December {iphone style}

    January 22, 2014


    1. Dinner date with Dusty and Annabelle.  Annabelle’s wearing her fancy coat for the special occasion!
    2. Annabelle’s first flight.
    3. View from our Florida condo for a week.
    4. Sanibel beach.
    5. Sanibel sunset.
    6, 7, & 8. Family pictures on the beach.
    9. Pattern to make cape/cloak.
    10. Finished cape/cloak.
    11. Annabelle 4 months old.
    12. Lunch at Dante with my two favorite people.

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  • November {iphone style}

    December 11, 2013


    1. Celebrating a friends new job.
    2. Date night at Sage Student Bistro.
    3. 10 weeks old.
    4. Gnocchi with mushrooms, lardons,and a white wine sauce.
    5. 12 weeks old.
    6. Best Lobster & Shrimp Mac & Cheese at Block 16.
    7. Dusty at Denver Wordcamp.
    8. I’ve been trying to sew a little when Annabelle’s napping on the weekends.
    9. Happy Annabelle.
    10. Ramen in DC at Daikaya.
    11. Le Buillon. Dusty went to a pre-opening fundraiser dinner.
    12. 13 weeks old.
    13. Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. Sightseeing in DC.
    14. Lincoln Memorial. Sightseeing in DC.
    15. Dusty and Annabelle sending me a selfie while I was in DC.
    16. Our little turkey!
    17. Homemade mexi-hash. Dusty and I had a really good breakfast dish in Minneapolis and we’ve started making it at home on the weekends.  It has potatoes, garlic, onion, sausage, sriracha sauce, cheese, tomatoes, avocados, and over-easy egg.  It’s very delicious!
    18. Gift from the wonderful photographers who have taken many of our pictures lately and our friends, The Mullers.
    19. Drinks at Le Buillon (new restaurant in the Old Market owned by chef Paul Kulik who owns one of our favorite Omaha restaurants, The Boiler Room).
    20. Date night at Le Buillon.

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  • October {iphone style}

    November 6, 2013


    1. Gift from Scott Blake, Barcode Artist
    2. Dusty & Annabelle at Farmer’s Market
    3. Dinner at Tiata
    4. Annabelle at her first Walk for the Cure
    5. Cupcake from new cupcake place in Old Market
    6. Annabelle & Great-Grandma
    7. 7 weeks old
    8. Date night at the Boiler Room
    9. Seafood Risotto with Scallops
    10. 8 weeks old
    11. Annabelle loves the mobile on her basinett
    12. Chicken in Creamy Tomato Curry: Chicken Tikka Masala
    13. Flowers for a new mommy back at work
    14. Dusty dressed Annabelle in FlyWheel Attire!
    15. 9 weeks old
    16. Happy Halloween!
    17. Homemade pizza before & after
    18. Annabelle playing with all of her toys
    19 & 20. Thomas Keller’s Butternut Squash Soup (made this 3 times in 2 weeks it was so good)

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  • September {iphone style}

    October 13, 2013


    1. Annabelle’s first time at the bar. We sat on the patio at La Buvette.
    2 & 3. Some delicious food that our wonderful friends brought us during those first couple of weeks of parenthood.
    4. Evening stroll around the Old Market (on one of those nights when Beans wouldn’t sleep).
    5. Birthday dessert at Taita.
    6, 7, 8. Walking workouts & sleepy time for Annabelle.
    9. Date night at Whole Foods.
    10. Annabelle’s first wedding.
    11. La Buvette patio
    12. Dusty & Beans hanging out in bed.
    13. Pink, pink, pink.
    14. Thomas Keller roast chicken.
    15. Annabelle at work with Dad.
    16. Music at Soaring Wines Vineyard.
    17. Dinner at Dante.
    18. 1 month old.
    19. Flywheel dinner celebration.
    20. Annabelle at Barcamp.

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  • August {iphone style}

    October 10, 2013


    I thought it might be fun to share some of the pictures we take on our phones each month.  Even though the pictures we take with our “nice” camera are wonderful, we don’t always get to capture the things we do on a random Tuesday.  For the month of August I only have pictures from my phone but in the future I hope to share some from Dusty’s phone too.

    1. DIY artwork for the nursery.
    2. Gift from Dusty for the nursery.  We call him Pierre!
    3. DIY artwork for the nursery.
    4. DIY pillows for the nursery.
    5. Baby bump 38 weeks. Date night with Dusty before Annabelle was born.
    6 & 7. Quilt for nursery
    8. Nothing Bundt Cake. I won a bundt cake at a baby fair!  This cake is the most delicious thing I’ve ever had!
    9. Another quilt for the nursery. I had extra fabric and just couldn’t choose one pattern.
    10. Maha Music Festival.
    11. Framed art for nursery.
    12. Selfie of me before we left for the hospital to have Annabelle.
    13. Our little Miss Annabelle welcomes the world!
    14. Daddy & Annabelle
    15. One of our first picture as a family of three!
    16. Annabelle’s first ride home!
    17, 18 & 19. Our lovely friends brought us some delicious food the first few weeks after Annabelle was born.  All of the food was so wonderful!
    20. Annabelle at 1 week old.

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