Staying In Shape Together

September 27, 2006

WMedia_httpwwwdustyand_jspixell, it’s that time of year again. Some of you may remember that about this time last year, Dusty ran in the Omaha Marathon and Keely, my maid of honor, ran the half marathon. I cheered them both on as a spectator. You may also remember that Dusty almost swore off running completely after that. If you can believe it, he changed his mind. This year he’s decided to run another marathon and he’s got me to start running too. Dusty started training in March and I started shortly after. We decided to change the scenery a little and will be running in Minneapolis. Next weekend we will be running the Minneapolis Marathon, “The most beautiful urban marathon in America“. Dusty said anything has to be more beautiful than running through majestic North Omaha. This past Sunday, as a “warm up”, Dusty and I ran in the Omaha marathon. Dusty ran the half marathon and I ran the 10k! Dusty is a little crazy though, on Saturday he ran 18 MILES with Keely, which made his weekend running total 31 miles. The half marathon ended up being WAY more difficult than it should have been. He admits that it might have been a dumb to run so much the week before the BIG race. He seems to be doing fine after a few days of rest. Dusty finished the half marathon in 2 hours, 1 minute. That’s a 9:22 minute mile pace. Not bad. I ran the 10K in 1 hour 26 seconds. That’s a 9:44 minute mile pace. Not nearly as good as Dusty but I’m not ashamed.


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