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  • Happy Thanksgiving

    November 28, 2013


  • Our Little Pumpkin

    October 31, 2013


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  • Merry Christmas

    June 12, 2013

    merrychristmas2012_001 christmascard_001

    I’ve spent the last week updating our blog and realized that I never got around to wishing everyone a Merry Christmas or a happy new year.  Yes, it’s crazy for me to think of these things in June or even to think about wishing you all of these things so late in the year but I remembered taking pictures so that we could do it and now that I have the time I’ve decided why not just do it.

    Here’s a pictures of Dusty and I during the holidays as well as a picture of our annual holiday card. It’s an infographic of what we’ve been doing over the past year.  I was inspired by this year in review card and this one as well.  If you click on the image of our card, it will get bigger and easier to see.  When we mailed the card out I punched a hole in the MERRY card, folded the infographic card, put it with the picture and then tied it all together with the red string.  It’s probably my favorite holiday card I’ve done since we’ve been married and don’t know how I can beat it next year.

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  • Seamroige Couture Party

    March 20, 2012

    Our good friends Mike and Patty hosted their annual couture party on St. Patty’s Day weekend.  We can’t get enough of the photo booth! Isn’t everyone lovely in their green.

  • Merry Christmas

    January 4, 2012

    Although this post comes a little late, we hope everyone had the most wonderful holiday season.  And we wish everyone has a beautiful 2012! Thank you for being a part of our lives and thank you for letting us be a part of yours!
    holiday card 2011

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  • We’ve spent the last few Thanksgiving weekends in Minneapolis and again this year we made the drive up north. Here are a few pictures from our weekend with friends and family.

    On another note of thanks. I received an email over the holiday weekend from a student who I had a few semesters ago.  I thought it was nice message to pass along.  It also reminds me that I should be sending out messages of my thanks to others as well.

    Thank you for each and every contribution that you’ve made to my life conciously as well as unconciously. I truly appreciate the guidance and knowledge you instill in me and other students with all that you have! I am grateful for people like you in my life and personally wish you a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. Enjoy ( :

    thanksgiving2011_001 thanksgiving2011_002

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  • Dusty Turns the Big 3-0

    February 21, 2011

    Dusty turned 30 and we celebrate with some of our closest friends and family at one of our favorite local restaurants.  It was nice to spend the evening reminiscing and remember all of the wonderful memories that we’ve created over the years.


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  • Booo!

    October 31, 2010


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