As some of you know, Dusty helped start a website called Silicon Prairie News. As the website says,

Silicon Prairie News is dedicated to providing news and information about Omaha, and the region’s, creative class. This includes, but isn’t limited to: entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, artists, visionaries and creatives. In short, those looking to make our region an even better place to live and work! Knowing that our area is filled with insanely talented and passionate individuals, we are playing a role to highlight and connect these groups with one another. 

One of the big things that they worked on this past year was to host a conference in Omaha for over 400 people. Big Omaha was a lot of work for Dusty and the rest of the crew but it’s gotten really big reviews and they’re planning to host the event again this summer. Here’s what the website says about the event.

What happens when the country’s foremost creatives, entrepreneurs and innovators descend on one place? That place explodes. Which is precisely what we plan for Omaha. The energy will be impossible to contain. We will begin building communities, companies and friendships. We will inspire new thoughts and completely new ways of thinking. We will develop visions: personal, shared, and civic. Speakers will come from some of the most innovative companies in the nation. And you’ll hear fantastic stories from numerous emerging businesses. In the end, you’ll take away a network and an energy that will propel those new connections to greatness. For you. For your business. For your community. Come to the heart of the Midwest. And let’s rebuild this country from the inside out.

Some of our family members were nice enough to come and help out with the event.  Dusty’s mom, Jane, worked all day directing all of the volunteers and helping make sure everything ran smoothly.  Dusty’s sister, Sara, helped with the planning of the event and worked on the day of the event, making sure everyone stayed happy.  My mom, Suzane, even pitched in, bringing us some much needed ice for all of the soda and water the participants were drinking.

bigomaha2009_005 bigomaha2009_006 bigomaha2009_007 bigomaha2009_003 bigomaha2009_001

Photos courtesy of Malone and Company

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