BrightMix Is Growing

October 7, 2008

Dusty’s been very busy molding BrightMix into a really innovative and topnotch company. In January Dusty and his business partner Kevin went to Boston to meet up with one of their clients. They had a great time and managed to find time to work a little.

In February, only seven months after they had officially started BrightMix, hired their first full-time employee, Erin. Erin was a great addition to the group and keeps the boys in line.

Back tracking a little, in January Dusty and Kevin started to prepare for the BrightMix internship program. Dusty’s sister, Sara, helped publicize the internship and get the word out. They wanted to offer full-time, paid internship positions over the summer, hiring a few talented programmers and one talented designer to help build a brand-spanking-new Web 2.0 application.

They had hundreds of applicants and in the end hired two fantastic programmers and two talented designers. The interns started in May and launched a website, Fiesty Paranha, to tell their story of the internship program. At the end of the summer Dusty and Kevin decided they needed another hand around the office and hired Erin, one of the designer interns. This is how their second employee was hired.

I’ve been helping around the office a little as well. This summer I was the official lunch lady and brought gourmet lunches and on Fridays grilled out for the bunch. It was a really nice treat to be able to come to the office and be a part of the BrightMix family. I also help keep the books organized and make sure the office is clean.

BrightMix continues to grow and provide a contribution to the Omaha community. Dusty has been a great support in not only having a successful business but also being a part of the entrepreneurial community in Omaha.

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