Cantine California

June 24, 2013

While in Paris last summer Dusty happened to read a New York Times article about the growth of food trucks in Paris and specifically about a new gourmet taco and burger truck, Cantine California, that had just opened a couple months prior.  We had to try it out for several reasons: 1) we love street food and food trucks, 2) we love anyone using high quality, fresh, and local ingredients, and 3) we’re always ready to try something new.


I’m not a huge hamburger fan and I wouldn’t say Dusty is either but I can’t deny that I really enjoyed everything about it including the homemade fries.  This year we ventured back for another delicious hamburger and tacos.  Dusty always gets the carnitas and I like the burgers + fries.  I was a little disappointed this year because my fries were a bit overcooked but overall, a great experience.

Last year and again this year, we noticed a combination of American expats and young Parisians.  Both times there’s been a line and I think that’s a good sign that they’re doing something right.  I’d highly recommend the food truck if you’re looking for a great hamburger or tacos and roaming the streets of Paris.  I used a combination of pictures from both of our trips (the last row is from this year and the others are from last summer).  It was a bit nicer last year as you can see.

cantinecalifornia_002 cantinecalifornia_003cantinecalifornia_004cantinecalifornia_005

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