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  • Baby Bibs And Burp Cloths

    January 14, 2014


    I made these bibs and burp cloths before I actually had Annabelle.  I gave some as gifts and always wondered if they were good gifts or not.  It’s hard to ask someone that you’ve given a gift to if they liked them.


    So, what do I think?  I didn’t care for the burp cloths.  Partially because they were too small and partially because of the materials I used.  I used batting and two pieces of flannel fabric.  When I make them again I want to make them bigger and try different fabrics.  Maybe a absorbent knit or terry cloth fabric next time and I would most definitely not use batting, it’s not necessary.  Here’s a pattern similar to the one I used.


    I actually really like the bibs.  I used a terrycloth fabric for the back and cotton or flannel fabric for the front.  They’re a good size for Annabelle now that she’s starting to slobber and drool.  They’ll most definitely be too tight in a few months and I’m not sure how they’re going to work when she really starts eating because they’re pretty small.  Here is the pattern I used.  What’s great about bibs and burp cloths is that they’re quick and easy.  I can make a couple during one of Annabelle’s naps.  I’d love to try this pattern and this one too.  The ones above Annabelle uses and these have been washed several times!

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  • Ticker Tape Quilt

    December 27, 2013

    tickertape_001 tickertape_002 tickertape_003tickertape_004

    This last image is after washing the quilt.  The others were taken before I was able to wash the quilt.  It was very stringy after pulling out of the wash, even after having it on delicate but I snipped the strings and essentially it looks the same.

    Inspired by Crazy mom Quilts, Amanda Jean, and her book Sunday Morning Quilts.
    Dimensions: 32″x43″

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  • ironingboard_001 ironingboard_002ironingboard_005 ironingboard_006ironingboard_008ironingboard_004ironingboard_003ironingboard_007

    Beth and I co-hosted another sewing party and we had a successful day of sewing!  There were four of us sewing and Keely stopped to say hi with her two little extra helpers.  If you remember, last time we boxy zipper bags and this time around we made ironing board covers.  We set up our fabric station, cutting station, ironing station and sewing station with four sewing machines.

    And again, Beth gets all the credit for a successful gathering because she was the one who showed us all how to make the ironing board covers.  Ironing board covers are surprising easy to sew but with any sewing project, there are always easy mistakes to make and we made them!  All of the pictures you see above were taken by Beth.  She’s a talented photographer and I wish I could have her take pictures of all of my sewing projects.

    The last picture is the ironing board cover I sewed.  Even before starting I knew I was making it for a gift and had the perfect person in mind so I picked colors and a pattern that I thought she’d like.  I was happy it turned out so great!

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