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May 30, 2013

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A few weekends ago a friend, Beth, and I co-hosted a sewing party for some our book club friends! Many of you know how much I love quilting and sewing, in general, and I was happy to have a few friends say something like “let’s get together and have a sewing party!”  A really good Saturday or Sunday for me looks something like this, me listening to an audiobook, half the living room and dining area filled with fabric and a sewing machine, and thread hanging from all parts of my body (similar to the photo of me above).  I was so ecstatic that others were interested in this wonderful thing called sewing and was crossing my fingers it went well so maybe I could con encourage some of my friends to fall in love with this wonderful hobby.  I think I succeeded!!

Five girls gathered at my place to sew Saturday afternoon.  Beth suggested we make a boxy zipper bag because it’s easy and can be finished in an hour (or more if you’re chatty like us).  We had a fabric station, cutting station, ironing station and sewing station with four sewing machines as well as a food and beverage station.  I really owe Beth the credit for a successful gathering because she was the one who showed us all how to make the zipper bag because I had never made this particular bag before.

It was such a success that I want to have more sewing parties.  I’ve gotten a little inspired by another blog that I follow who started doing something called a Meet + Make Craft Party.  I’m not sure about inviting people I don’t know yet but I think inviting all of my friends who would be a lot of fun!

Most of the pictures you see above were taken by Beth.  She’s not only a sewer enthusiast but also a professional photographer who takes the most beautiful pictures.  She took pictures of my nieces a few summers ago and the kids had so much fun!!! I love having a photographer and fellow sewer in book club!!! I’m learning so much from her.  And a big thanks to Beth for the awesome ironing board cover you see in the picture above.  She said this is super easy to make too and might just be one of our next sewing party projects!!!

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  • Comment by Sarah — June 2, 2013 @ 3:34 pm

    Love this! A sewing party sounds so fun! Thanks for mentioning me—I’m honored that you follow my blog and was inspired to host your own event! -xo

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