Chenille Baby Blanket

January 23, 2014


Since I’ve had Annabelle I don’t have nearly as much time to quilt so when I saw a tutorial for this chenille baby blanket I thought it was the perfect project.  All it includes is four pieces of fabric (3 pieces of flannel and one piece of cotton fabric) and sewing straight lines.  It did end up being a great project because I could sew a few lines during nap time.  And then when everything was sewn I just spent my free time cutting.  I used scissors but if I ever make this blanket again I’ll buy a Olfa Chenille Cutter to make it go faster.

chenille_001chenille_002chenille_003Before quilt was washed

chenille_004After quilt was washed


If I ever make this type of quilt again I’ll purchase coordinating flannel fabrics (something closer to the colors in the tutorial I followed would be good).  These were colors I already had and thenI found the cotton fabric in my stash as a well.  I think this particular quilt would be great for a baby boy.

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