Going Back to School

October 24, 2008

I found out this past spring that I was accepted to UNL’s Communication Studies doctoral program. I didn’t waste any time getting back into the rhythm of things and started taking classes this summer. I took a small group communication theory class where I learned all about the workings of small groups and how people communicate in groups. It was an intense three week course but I really enjoyed the discussions and opportunity to learn new things in my field.

This semester I’m taking an organizational communication theory class. It’s been equally as rewarding as my first class. I’m driving one night a week to Lincoln. I’ve been very luck that the weather has been good and I’ve found a couple of other girls from Omaha that are carpooling with me. Everyone asks how my classes are going and it’s always hard to answer because most classes are a combination of one exam and one major paper and those don’t come until the end of the semester.

For those of you wondering or who might not know, when you get into a PhD program you must choose a concentration in your field. As of right now, my concentration is organizational communication with a secondary concentration in instructional communication. This really just means that I’ll be taking classes that are focused in these areas.

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