Happy 6 Years Together

August 14, 2013


We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary in Paris again this year.  It just so happens that we’re in such a beautiful place when our anniversary comes around but I’m so glad that it does.  Really, we spent over a month celebrating our marriage in my eyes and hope we can continue to do it with our little girl.  It’s a time for us to be a couple and in the future, to be a family, to reconnect after so many months of being busy with work, friends, family, and the outside world.

It’s almost as though we’re on another planet for a short while when we’re in Paris, not knowing anyone, not understanding the language, and it’s wonderful!  We do speak a little French but at the same time we’re able to go to a restaurant and not feel like we’re always listening to the conversations happening near us, thinking about what’s going on around us instead of what’s going on at our own table.  Of course we miss our family and friends and on occasion want to feel as though we have some kind of human connection outside of the two of us but that’s what’s exciting about coming home, about reconnecting with others.

And while I’m thinking about our anniversary, I want to thank Dusty for being the perfect partner and companion.  I’m so lucky to have found someone that makes me a better person and brings the best out of me.  I hope I do the same for him.

Every year we get our pictures taken to celebrate our anniversary and this year we took them a bit late (and the reason this post didn’t come in June, although I never think it’s too late to celebrate another year of wedding bliss), deciding that the maternity pictures were going to be a great time to also celebrate the big event that was happening during year six of our marriage.  I shared a few of the beautiful pictures on another post but here’s just one more.

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