He’s Just so Dreamy

December 12, 2009

Sometime in August Dusty called me, telling me he had a funny story.  He shared it with me (and with the permission of the original story-teller) and since I thought it was such a great story I had to tell all of you.  He said that he was driving somewhere and had to pull over because he was laughing so hard.  I will admit (not happily though) that my husband reads his emails on his cell phone while he’s driving on occasion and while reading an email he had gotten from a business acquaintance he just couldn’t concentrate on driving. I couldn’t imagine an email so good that it would make you pull over so you could read it more thoroughly and after having him forward it to me, I can see where he might have wanted to read it a little closer. Here’s how the email went:

Hi there.  Okay, so I pick up my daughter (16 years old) and her friends from the pool and she notices a business card I have in my cup holder of my car….she was in Youth Leadership Omaha (you may recall that group visited your office), but her friends were not and she notices that the card is Dusty Davidson’s from BrightMix (from the AIM mixer).  This is the next ten minutes of my life as she’s talking to her friends…

“Oh my god, my mom knows Dusty Davidson.  Oh my god, Dusty Davidson is the coolest most amazing guy.  Oh my god…he buys Mountain Dew for all his employees, my mom won’t buy squat for her employees…Mom, why don’t you buy Mountain Dew for your employees like Dusty Davidson does?  They love him.  He also has this awesom office and everyone wants to work for him.  He’s some smart computer, guy, I don’t know he does, but its so awesome.  I can’t believe he would even speak to my dorky mother.  Oh my God, you can’t believe how gorgeous he is…(insert detailed and flattering description of your personal appearance here).  Dusty Davidson, yup…Dusty Davidson is soooo cute…I would marry Dusty Davidson.  Dusty Davidson is the kind of man I want to marry.”

I guess that Dusty had spoken to a group of high schoolers before school got out last spring (they didn’t actually come to his office, he had gone to speak to them somewhere else) and touted about his company and how he did things like buy soda for everyone.  Of course those are the type of things that high schoolers are concerned about at that age.  I guess this was a whole day event and there were quite a few speakers but Dusty was one of the youngest ones there and probably one of the hippest in the eyes of his audience.  Dusty knew this girl’s mom because of some other random event he had gone to and thus gave her his business card. I thought it was a cute story and just reminds me, I better watch out for those young girls.  I guess I’m a pretty lucky gal, my husband owns his own business and buys his employees soda!

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