How We Met

December 31, 2005

Dusty and I have been together for two years EXACTLY. We met on New Year’s Eve 2003. We had met previously, both of us originally being from Council Bluffs but had never went beyond the occasional hello or random meetings at a party.

In telling how we met I better start from the beginning. I met Nate in my freshman seminar class at Northwest Missouri State. I don’t think I ever talked to him but happened to meet him months later during the summer at home. There Nate was, sitting at a table playing cards with my close high school friends. It so happens that he worked with some of my friends and was returning home for the summer like so many of us do during college to work and make some money.

We all went back to school and I was never to see much of Nate again. I became friends with Keely while back at Northwest and found out she was from a small town outside of Council Bluffs. During my third summer home Keely and I went to a friend of mine’s apartment where we happened to meet Nate. As is happens Nate and Keely started dating.

Almost a year and a half later Nate was at war, I was living in Omaha (having graduated a year prior) and Keely was visiting for the holidays during her vacation. On New Year’s Eve Keely and I, along with another friend Alyssa, were trying to find somewhere to celebrate the coming of 2004. Nate had said Keely should call a friend of his, Dusty, and that we should meet up with them downtown… and so we did.

Dusty and I have been together for two years and without the New Year’s Eve invitation we might not have had the chance to meet.

And here’s a little blurb to get everyone caught up on what’s happened with us over the past two years. Dusty lived at home until last February when my lease was up with my roommate, Jessi. She moved to Columbus, NE to be with her boyfriend, now fiance Todd. Dusty and I moved in together and now live in the Old Market. We really enjoy being surrounded by so many things to do and see. There are dozens of restaurants within blocks and lots of entertainment. Not surprisingly we love living together. I really can’t imagine living without him. We have a great time doing nothing together. He doesn’t mind my love for cleaning and I’m getting use to him leaving on all of the lights.

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