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June 11, 2012

We love taking pictures and being in Paris means we take even more pictures than normal.  More pictures doesn’t mean better pictures though.  Last summer I took a photography lesson from our neighbor (who’s a professional photographer) and continue to research how to use our camera. I’ve also been reading up on how to enhance our pictures using Photoshop.  I know there are many different kinds of software to use but I own Photoshop and am familiar with it just enough to make me dangerous.  I’ve followed many design blogs, photographers, and others who enjoy taking pictures for a long time and have decided it’s time for me to start taking advantage of all the free information, tutorials, and advice out there.

Well, here’s my first attempt at enhancing a picture (and understanding what I’m doing).  I took this picture at the Bastille market.  There’s a subtle difference but just enough to make the vegetables look even more enticing.


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