Summer Classes

August 20, 2009

This summer was busy for both Dusty and myself. I took two classes in Lincoln and taught a five week public speaking course as well. I started the summer taking a one week intensive course called Influential Books. The objective of the course is to read 13 books related to my interest area over the course of the entire summer. I commuted for one week, met with my classmates, and read three books. Over the course of the next 10 weeks I read 10 additional books and wrote a 60 page write-up on all of them. I must say, it sounded easier than it really was. Some how reading one book a week during the summer doesn’t work out to be as easy as one might think. In the end I did get through it and learned a lot about the history of my discipline and interest area. The second course I took was about learning, teaching, and the brain. We had a guest professor come to Lincoln and spend two weeks with us for an intensive course. I really learned a lot about how the brain works and what this means about how we learn and how I as a teacher can teach. And of course my own teaching.  I love teaching in the summer because the students seem to always be on top of their game.  It always seems a lot more laid back as well because everyone is so focused during those five weeks.  Taking two courses and teaching make the so-called relaxing summer go by fast though.

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