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  • Dante Cooking Class

    April 11, 2012

    Dusty and I really enjoy food and wine! We absolutely love eating at Dante Ristorante and Pizzeria. Nick, chef and owner, is brilliant and Andy, wine director, has so much energy and passion for not only Italian wine but all wine.  The entire staff at Dante’s is the best.  If you live in Omaha and haven’t eaten there you need to.  Dusty likes to say that it’s a phenomenal pasta place disguised as a pizza shop.  Seriously, the pizza is the best in town (Pitch being a close second) but the pasta and green salads are the hidden gem.  All of their pasta, dough, mozzarella, and most everything else is made fresh in house.  Most everything (if not everything) is locally grown and raised.

    Dante’s started offering wine dinners a few month ago that Dusty and I started attending.  It’s a great reason to try excellent food and wine and to learn how everything pairs together.  For months Nick and Andy have been talking about hosting a cooking class where guests can do a little Italian cooking and end the night with a great dinner.  A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to be able to attend and had an absolutely wonderful time.  They closed down the restaurant for the night  and we were able to go to four different food stations and two different beverage stations to learn about wines, beers, making fresh pasta, making neapolitan pizza, homemade sausage, and breaking down poultry and fish.  I learned and did so many interesting things. It was a great date night out with Dusty. I can’t wait to do it again.