Teaching A New Class

October 19, 2008

Teaching at UNO is going great. I feel so lucky to be doing something I’m so passionate about and enjoy so very much. Last spring and summer I got to teach a new course, it was all about interviewing. If you can believe it, you can take a course all about the different types of interviews. I’ve been teaching public speaking for so long that I had forgotten how difficult it is to create a new syllabus and teach something new. It was very challenging and very rewarding.

This summer I had an accounting student say to me that she didn’t think this class would be very beneficial but in the end, thought it was one of the best classes she took and would tell all of her friends that they should take it. It was a great compliment to hear that from someone. I try to make all of my classes applicable to everyone but to hear the really re-affirms what I’m doing.

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