Week 46

September 22, 2014

Weekly Baby Picture / Week 46

My hope of catching up on Annabelle’s weekly updates before her first birthday have come and gone but I haven’t given up. I’ve taken the pictures and now it’s time to write the captions!

Now that we’ve been back from Paris for a couple weeks things are getting back to normal. We’re settling into our routines. I started back to work, teaching two summer classes and Annabelle went back to daycare. It was so great for her to see her friends and for me to get the house back in order! I’m horrible at having Annabelle at home and getting things done! The only that’s helping me is that on the weekends she’s taking two 2-hour naps! It’s amazing!

Weekly Baby Picture / Week 46

Being back at daycare has been a bit of an adjust to our little bean. She’s most definitely tired when she comes home. Playing is hard work. Some nights we barely have enough time to pick her up and get her dinner before she’s ready for a bottle and night-night time.

In other highlights, she’s started clapping. The simplest things can be so much fun to watch.

Chomp, chomp! Two more bottom teeth are coming in. She officially has eight teeth in that little mouth of hers.

Of course, a week back at school and Annabelle’s started tugging at her ear and has a temperature that just doesn’t want to go away. Yep, she had an ear infection! Darn those kids and their germ spreading (and catching) abilities.

Weekly Baby Picture / Week 46 Weekly Baby Picture / Week 46 Weekly Baby Picture / Week 46

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