Week 48

September 24, 2014


Annabelle’s pretty much mastered clapping and getting really good at waving. She’s still a little finicky on when she waves though. Often times it happens after someone’s left. We’ll keep on practicing though and when she does get it right, it’s awesome!


Annabelle and I went to visit some friends of mine from college (and their spouses and children) while Dusty travelled to Milwaukee for business. Here are a few pictures of all the kids hanging out!

week48_003 week48_004

This weekend we also made our first trip to the zoo! I can’t tell you how excited I’ve been to take Annabelle! Even though I knew Annabelle was a bit young I asked that my mom get us a family pass for Christmas. I’m sad that we’re just finally using it for the first time and it’s already July but we have plenty of sunshine left before it gets cold and snowy! I was so surprised by how much fun it was to take Annabelle! She pointed at all of the animals and just about everything else as well. She’s most definitely becoming aware of her surroundings. She loved the aquarium but was a bit fearful of the monkeys and gorillas.

week48_005 week48_006 week48_007 week48_008 week48_009

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