Week 50

September 26, 2014


One of our big adventures these last couple of weeks before Annabelle turned the big 0-1 was attending Rowan’s 1st birthday. A friend of mine had her son two weeks before I had Annabelle and we helped celebrate the little guy’s birthday. Annabelle had a great time playing in the yard with all the other kids! She’s a mover and shaker though and wanted nothing to do with the kids her own age. She’s way more interested in those older kids (you know, the ones that are three)! She had her first cupcake (it was vegan so I was feeling pretty good about it) and loved it! Makes me super excited for her birthday party in a couple of weeks when everyone will be singing happy birthday to her and she’ll be tearing into her own birthday cake. You have to love being young and being able to take your shirt off when you’re playing in the backyard!

rowan_001 rowan_002 rowan_003

Annabelle loves sitting on people’s laps! It’s so cute to watch her back her little tushy up to someone and then just plop her little rear-end down. Makes my heart melt to see her snuggle up to someone like that. While attending Rowan’s birthday party she decided the best place to be sitting was on Rowan’s mom’s lap! Gotta be where all the fun is!

Lots of zoo trips! We’re less than a 5-minute drive and have been three times in the past two weeks. Here’s a picture of some friends and us at the zoo. Hubbies also came but they declined to be in the picture.


Annabelle’s only taking one nap at school. I don’t know how they do it (she’s still taking two naps on the weekends) but all of her friends her age only take one nap and so does she. The first couple of days it was a little rough, she was going to bed even earlier than her early 7 o’clock bedtime but now she’s adjusted and does just fine.

Weekly pictures are getting even more difficult to capture. Most of the time we have to give her something to hold onto, otherwise she pops right back over and is standing before we’re able to get even one good shot.  This week we gave her some keys. I thought I’d see if we could take them for just a minute and get a few shots without the keys and this is what happened. And here are the captions: 1) You took my keys, 2) Give me my KEYS, 3) I’ve got my keys, and 4) I’m happy again!

week50_003 week50_004

Life is most definitely changing! Dining out with Annabelle are few and far between these days. This week we went out to dinner with some good friends of ours who have a two month old of their own. I was a bit jealous that their little guy slept the entire time we were out, while Annabelle on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with her food and hated that she was seated so that she wasn’t facing out to the rest of the restaurant.

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