First Time Meeting

February 16, 2006

In an earlier blog entitled How We Met I talked about how Dusty and I started dating. New Year’s eve (December 31st, 2003) was not the first time I met Dusty. We are both from Council Bluffs and so we had a few chance meetings. Dusty has had his own website for years and at one time he wrote in his blog regularly. After Dusty and I started dating I found this blog entry from July 3rd, 2002 where Dusty had written a blog entry about the first time we met. I thought it would be fun to share his thoughts on the first time we met on my blog since his under construction.

The first time I met Dusty was because I hung out with Michaela but the reason I was reacquainted with him was because Keely was dating Nate (I introduced Keely & Nate). What’s kind of funny is that I can’t remember meeting him as much as he can remember meeting me. I have a faint memory of the night but no more than that. I do remember going to his house on another occasion but he was out of town. I just remember one of his friends was house sitting.

July 3rd, 2002
tonight started out as a dull night, and ended up being a bunch of people coming over to my house. i wasn’t drinking, but i still had quite a bit of fun, although i was tired to begin with and now its nearly 4:00am and people just left a minute ago… anywho..bunch of nates friends came over basically… most importantly willard (naturally), kayla, and this other girl (who’s name escapes me now, dammit). this girl struck me as cute when she first arrived, and was very outgoing and introduced herself right away and we started talking, having a nice conversation. she very much grew on me through the rest of the evening… VERY nice and friendly and outgoing, the type of girl thats friends with everyone. naturally, with my current string of good luck, she’s going to nwms with nate, and of course, has a boyfriend. shucks. oh well.

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