October {iphone style}

November 6, 2013


1. Gift from Scott Blake, Barcode Artist
2. Dusty & Annabelle at Farmer’s Market
3. Dinner at Tiata
4. Annabelle at her first Walk for the Cure
5. Cupcake from new cupcake place in Old Market
6. Annabelle & Great-Grandma
7. 7 weeks old
8. Date night at the Boiler Room
9. Seafood Risotto with Scallops
10. 8 weeks old
11. Annabelle loves the mobile on her basinett
12. Chicken in Creamy Tomato Curry: Chicken Tikka Masala
13. Flowers for a new mommy back at work
14. Dusty dressed Annabelle in FlyWheel Attire!
15. 9 weeks old
16. Happy Halloween!
17. Homemade pizza before & after
18. Annabelle playing with all of her toys
19 & 20. Thomas Keller’s Butternut Squash Soup (made this 3 times in 2 weeks it was so good)

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