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    May 26, 2016

    It’s almost been a year since I’ve last blogged and it’s time I get back at it! Here’s to the beginning of a whole bunch of catching up! Currently this is what we’re up to these days!


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  • Our last two weeks in Paris were filled with a lot of excitement. One memory that I surely won’t forget doesn’t actually have a picture to go along with the story (and thank goodness it doesn’t). After being in Paris for over five weeks, our big adventure three days before leaving was locking ourselves out of our apartment.  It’s occurrences like this that remind me how great my husband is!

    We woke up on Sunday trying to decide what our plans were for the day.  First stop, the open market because the market is only open until noon and nothing else is open on Sundays. Dusty had mentioned he’d like to work all day because we were celebrating our anniversary the next day by going to a fancy lunch and he’d need to take part of the afternoon off. Annabelle and I had plans of going to the park!

    We walked out the door, shut it and then promptly realized we had no keys. We spent the whole day traveling around Paris getting a spare key from the landlord but only to get home to realize it wasn’t the right key and that there was no spare key. Then having to call a locksmith.

    Seems simple enough but we spent most of the day locked out of our place and there being several moments we weren’t sure if we were even going to get back into our place until Monday. This led to scouring the city for the one grocery store that did stay open on Sundays to get diapers and food for Annabelle just in case. Lessons learned: 1) Don’t forget keys, 2) take provisions for Annabelle even if you’re just going outside really quickly, 3) marry a man that knows how to solve problems!

    And here are just a few of the other things we did our last two weeks in Paris.

    reimsChampagne tasting in Reims.

    chocolateSome of the best chocolate chaud (hot chocolate) and fancy chocolate in Paris!

    week42_004Annabelle at the Arc de Triomphe

    week42_005Inside the Louvre

    week42_006Outside the Louvre

    week43_004Luxembourg Gardens


    septimeLunch at Septime (lobster & egg yolk raviolo, peas, sage, foie gras, almonds)

    dustyDinner Date!

    week43_006Dots & Stripes!

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  • What We Did This Week

    June 22, 2014

    This is coming two-weeks late but I still wanted to try and share some of the fun things we did each week during our stay in Paris (I skipped last week and just added a few extra pictures to Annabelle’s weekly update). So, this week marked the beginning of two sets of Omaha friends visiting Paris and thus, the end to Annabelle’s and my low-key routine of bi-weekly walks to the market and grocery store and then visits to the park after lunch. In addition to those things, we spent the second half of the week sightseeing and running around Paris nonstop. Annabelle loves sitting up in her stroller (literally, leaning over and almost out of her stroller), watching everything and everyone, and when she gets tired, she does just fine napping in her stroller, making our adventures a lot more fun! We’ve gotten really good at knowing when it’s nap time and we plan for drinks or lunch at outside cafes at these times.

    week41_005Fun times at the park (even if she doesn’t look all that happy to have her picture taken).

    week41_008We stopped at a park and played while it rained for about two minutes and then got sunny again.

    week41_004We played at the park with Zach while his parents (friends of ours from Omaha) and Dusty were at this great little bar having something to eat and drink.

    week41_006Went to David Lebovitz’s, My Paris Kitchen, book signing. We love his blog and following it pretty religiously to find great places to go in Paris.

    week41_007Found a great cafe to have drinks at with our Omaha friends while Annabelle napped.

    week41_009And then we ended our week with take-out Chinese food at the Eiffel Tower with our friend Allison. It was a beautiful night! Annabelle did a bit of exploring and then after a few strolls around the park fell asleep.

  • What We Did This Week

    May 30, 2014

    In this week’s Annabelle weekly update I wrote quite a bit about what was going on with Annabelle and didn’t even get to what we’ve been up to this week. So, here’s what we did in Paris this week. Annabelle helped me around the apartment with laundry and recycling plastic bags.  And I already mentioned in our weekly Annabelle update last week that on Monday Annabelle and I went to Luxembourg gardens. It rained some this week but what’s nice about Paris rain is that it’ll rain for a bit, stop, get sunny and then later in the evening rain again. So, even with the rain Annabelle and I went for several walks, went to the park near our apartment one day and even went to the zoo on Sunday to meet up with a couple of mommies and their babes.


    The zoo was a lot of fun and so close to where we’re staying. The Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes is a zoo in Paris that belongs to the botanical garden Jardin des Plantes (which is also awesome). It is the oldest civil zoological garden in the world. It no longer has any large animals like elephants, but a lot of small and medium sized mammals and a variety of birds and reptiles (including raccoons). The first picture below is Annabelle just as we were arriving to the gardens. She was finishing up her afternoon nap.


    And then of course, we just hung out too! Dusty discovered that Annabelle loves riding on Daddy’s shoulders! And really, just loves anything that involves being near her Daddy!

    week39_007 week39_008

  • April {iphone style}

    May 23, 2014


    1. Annabelle’s first tooth
    2. Playing!
    3. Family dinner at Maria’s (best brown gravy on burritos)!
    4. Lunch. Blueberries and sweet potatoes.
    5. Family lunch at Dante!
    6. Flywheel dinner.
    7. Bring baby to work day!
    8. Family selfie!
    9. Sushi dinner at Taita.
    10. Running.
    11. Brownie Batter Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes (might be the best dessert I’ve ever made)!
    12. Annabelle’s new shades!

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  • weekend_001

    This post should really be, what we did this Sunday.  Saturday we hung around the apartment because we wanted to make sure Annabelle was fully recovered from her bronchiolitis before galavanting around town. We started out the day at the market and then went to the Eiffel Tower and hung out on the Champs de Mars, enjoying the beautiful weather.

    weekend_002 weekend_006 weekend_004

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  • March {iphone style}

    April 21, 2014


    1. Annabelle sitting by herself!
    2. Valentine from Annabelle.
    3. Annabelle showing off.  This is how she was siting and moving around in March.
    4. & 5. Spring Omaha Fashion Week
    6. Taking a walk on one of the random nice days.
    7. More moving around.
    8. Mom & Annabelle having a little happy hour.
    9. Prairie Gators at Omaha Code School Open House.
    10. Annabelle’s first St. Patrick’s day parade in the Old Market.
    11. & 12. Fish Fry.
    13. Razor clams at the Boiler Room.  Quick date night drinks & snack with Dusty.
    14. Annabelle sitting in a highchair! Restaurants are way more fun now.
    15. We made asparagus with prosciutto, homemade croutons, poached egg and balsamic vinegar.
    16. Lunch date at Dante Pizzeria.
    17. Annabelle sleeping with her favorite stuffed elephant.
    18. Cousin time. Mia & Annabelle.
    19. & 20. Omaha Craft Bartender Guild, Breaking the Ice event. Lots of yummy craft cocktails.

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  • February {iphone style}

    March 27, 2014


    1. Annabelle cheering on Iowa State (Dusty’s alma mater).
    2 & 3. Late lunch date with my two favorite people at our favorite spot, Dante’s.
    4 & 5. Had the pleasure of going to the Justin Timberlake Concert with Megan (and a special thank you to Megan for the wonderful invitation).
    6. Annabelle sleeping.  She’s sleeping with her rear end sticking up in the air these days.
    7. Annabelle after a day of celebrating Valentine’s day.
    8. Sleeping.
    9. Salty Seahorse from Ted & Wally’s. The best ice cream  ever and across the street from us.
    10. Scrap quilt I’m working on.
    11. Double-date with Allison.
    12. Annabelle being super cute.

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  • January {iphone style}

    February 22, 2014


    1. Flywheel Holiday Dinner at Le Bullion
    2. Picture of Dusty and I from the holiday dinner
    3. Ravioli-making
    4. Annabelle’s first day at daycare
    5. Grandpa Howe & Annabelle
    6. Ready for an adventure!
    7. Annabelle watching Dad work
    8. TOMS inspired shoes I made for Annabelle
    9. Annabelle holding her own bottle
    10. Waffles for dinner
    11. Pasta-making
    12. Annabelle & Dad on a walk around the Old Market during one of our random 60 degree days in January!

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  • December {iphone style}

    January 22, 2014


    1. Dinner date with Dusty and Annabelle.  Annabelle’s wearing her fancy coat for the special occasion!
    2. Annabelle’s first flight.
    3. View from our Florida condo for a week.
    4. Sanibel beach.
    5. Sanibel sunset.
    6, 7, & 8. Family pictures on the beach.
    9. Pattern to make cape/cloak.
    10. Finished cape/cloak.
    11. Annabelle 4 months old.
    12. Lunch at Dante with my two favorite people.

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