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    Last month Dusty and the SPN crew hosted their annual Big Omaha conference, now part of the Big Conference Series.  They hold three events a year (in KC, Des Moines, and Omaha) showcasing some of the creative entrepreneurial talent locally and nationally.  I wrote a little about why I love Big Omaha so much in one of my weekly pregnancy updates and want to just say that I’m so very proud of what my husband does and all of the things he believes in.  We both care deeply about Omaha (and surrounding communities) and I feel so lucky to be a part of such a fun event.  Of course, one of the funnest parts of the conference is that they have a photo booth at the actual conference and then have booths set up at the parties they hold each night.  You can also check out my posts on the past four Big Omaha events here.

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