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    March 17, 2013

    We happened to know several friends that were going to be in Paris while we were there this summer.  A friend of Dusty’s from high school was in Paris for work and they were able to meet up for drinks one night.  A couple and their two children were stopping for a few days in Paris before heading to Dublin.

    And then a good friend of mine, Kate, wanted to plan a trip to Europe and thought us being in Paris would be a good excuse  to make it happen. Kate stayed with us for about a week and it was so great having her there because we could do touristy things while Dusty worked during the day. And we were able to take a small side trip to Brussels and Bruges. It was so much fun to have memories with our friends in Paris.  Here are just a few pictures of Kate and I around Paris.

    A co-worker from UNO moved to Germany recently and was traveling with her children to Paris so we were even able to meet up with them while they were

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